Friday, March 8, 2013

Hi everyone,

Here are a few highlights from this week, and some questions to ask your young people
  • We shared the last of our 7th grade Infographic-Milestone presentations.  Ask about the history of archery, the evolution of crayon colors, or the effects of caffeine vs. sugar on kids.
  • We attended the Kindergarten Operas.  Ask what a mermaid's favorite food is (everyone knows they are suckers for peaches)!
  • Continuation of our chemistry studies in science.
  • We focused on slope-intercept form in Nat's math class.  Ask what the letters mean in y=mx+b
  • In Spanish, of the presentations about Costa Rica given by the eighth graders this week, which did you find most interesting and why.  (The presentations were about Costa Rican Food, the people of Costa Rica, rain forests, history from 500 years ago to 1851, topography, and leaf cutter ants!)
  • In Tinkering, students continues to finish their egg displays/ shelves from the Scott Nash project.  Ask them what has been the most challenging aspect of building them.
  • In 7/8 Art, students are finishing their personal mandalas. They have learned that the mandala has ritual significance and that it is the symbol of life and death, and the cosmic procession of all beings. Ask your student what they may know about the way people have used the mandala through out time and culture. (ex. Druids of ancient England & Stonehenge, the Aztec sunstone, Architecture of Tibetan temples, the color wheel, Native American sand paintings)
  • We spent a big part of today working on our Salem Witch Trials film.  Ask about the best part of filmmaking.
  • 8th graders leave for Costa Rica on Wednesday morning.  We're "exploding" their backpacks on Tuesday, so remember to send them in with their bags fully packed so we can make sure that they are ready.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any last minute questions.
  • In sympathy with the 8th graders, 7th graders will be lunching at Tu Casa on Washington Ave. on Wednesday with Sra. Kristin and myself.  They will get to practice ordering in Spanish, and thinking about next year's trip.  We are finalizing some more plans to make the week special for the 7th grade while the older kids are away.
  • 13th hour fundraising challenge honoring El Costa, March 13  Click here to go directly to the Breakwater calendar.
  • Spring Gala, Oscar themed, Red Carpet!  March 23.
Have a great weekend.