Friday, May 31, 2013

Hi everyone,  

I hope that this news finds you well.  We are definitely working hard and having fun finishing out the year.  In celebration of our completed Capstones, we made fire and ice cream!
Sari and the kids making Biochar!

Here are some more highlights from the week

  • The mighty 8th graders completed their Capstone Presentations this week!  In Cheryl's words: "Our students shared their passions, delighted and entertained us, and put their excellent scholarship on display. Many, many thanks to those of you who attended one or both of these evenings in support of our oldest students - they, and their parents, greatly appreciated your presence.

    The diversity of their Capstone studies was remarkable:
    • Elsie The Evolution of the British Manor House
    • Atticus How Tanks Have Changed Ground Warfare
    • Lizzie Heart Anatomy and Congenital Defects
    • Sabrina Glass in Architecture
    • Michael A Short History of Stop Motion Animation
    • Joel  A Brief History of Short Live Action Films and How I Made My First Film
    • Thalia Dialectology and How the Media Portrays Accents

    and their projects ranged from lessons with younger students and original short films to time-lapse models of architecture, interviews with WWII veterans and observing a heart procedure at Maine Med."

    Truly impressive work.  I was proud of every one of them!

  • This is the last week of Art and the student Portfolios have been sent home. Look through your student's portfolio with him/her. What was the favorite project of the year and why? Where does your student think s/he has grown the most (skill, attitude) in art?  Come look at the amazing Pottery Show in the front hall of the brick building. Pottery work will be sent home Tuesday, June 11.

  • We've been using the whiteboard wall in Nat's Math section to create this Appolonian Panda (still in progress).  Ask how to inscribe a circle in an uneven geometric shape.
  • We picked fresh mint from the garden today, and made home-churned ice cream.  Yum!

  • Earth Week is next week!  CLICK HERE for some details of the week.
  • Graduation on Thursday June 13!  Boxed Lunches are available for the Farewell Picnic and Ice Cream Social.  Order your lunches using this form.
  • Come rock out with our Middle School Bands at their final concert of the year on Tuesday, June 11th at one of Portland's favorite music venues, One Longfellow Square!  The doors open at 5:30, the show begins at 6:00 p.m. Admission is a donation at the door. 
  • Spring Cleaning? Bring in your books in need of a new home for the Used Book Sale that will take place on June 13. There are multiple bins in the main foyer, Jessie and Dan buildings for book deposits. If you are interested in helping with the sale, contact Tim Spalding or Lisa Carey. Thanks to everyone who has already donated books!